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Energy Management System

Honeywell Graphics Central

The computerized Campus Energy Management System (EMS) at The College is a Honeywell Graphics Central. This system combines four types of Honeywell systems into one front-end architecture.All system points can be monitored, programmed and controlled from one PC. There are over 3,000 hardware control points on the system controlling energy management, security, and fire alarm points. Our hybrid system includes older technology with new DDC technology via four different system sources, i.e., 1970’s and 80’s technology (Delta 1000 System), 1990 to 1996 technology (DDC XL Plus), Fire and Security, and new 1996 to present (DDC XL5000). The EMS monitors and controls most HVAC systems, campus street lights, meters, and fire and security systems in 30+ campus buildings. Loser Nursing Reception Building was the first campus building with the new Excel 5000 and direct fiber optics connection. All XL5000 systems are networked with four remote PCs.

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